My Story

I am a journalist turned NGO writer, climber at heart, and best friend with my canine companion, the Mino Man. I am currently raising a small family of Chilean and Utah roots. We have tried living in several countries, drawn to the immigrant lifestyle and experience of being ‘not from here’.

I came up in the world of foreign languages and lived in Europe before giving in full time to newspaper reporting. After layoffs and reductions, I realized this profession was doomed and started Nico Tours, a fully loaded, adventure tour outfit in Santiago, Chile that allowed tourists to follow me and Mino around the Andes Mountains for a small fee.

After Chile, I moved to Ethiopia and then Liberia, and in these places I increased my focus on writing, documenting and ultimately storytelling. On this site, I mostly focus on other people’s stories, profiles and achievements, while  also recording stories about me and my family, climbing expeditions as well as the adventures of Mino.

I quit trying to sell content as a freelance journalist a long time ago. Instead, I choose to share these stories with all.

If you are so inclined, Reach out and share your immigrant experience with me!