My Work

I am a communications specialist who will bring a wide range of talent and creativity to your project gained from 9 years of experience as a journalist, editor, teacher and leader.

I develop and implement public relations strategies, research and document best practices and successes, and design and disseminate marketing material to build the recognition of a variety of development projects.I have created and led multiple original success story writing workshops aimed to provide local staff with the tools and inspiration to document the success of their projects.

  • Writing & editing
  • Interviewing & research
  • Public relations management
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Training manual development
  • Extensive experience in Latin America and East Africa
  • Fluency in multiple languages

I have experience with USAID projects and most recently worked as the communications manager on the largest Feed the Future project in Africa.

Some of the projects that I have worked for include:


Urban Gardens Program in Ethiopia  

Truck Loading at Al Husseini Farm3

Somaliland Partnership Program

gulu reporter

Community Action Fund for Women in Africa

nurses hosanna

Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program







EngenderHealth MARPs Program

EngenderHealth MARPs Program