The Somali Cab Who Refused Me a Ride because of the Prophet

Does this dog look dangerous?

So Mino and I made the successful transatlantic crossing without any major hang-ups, but a few close calls.

There were a fair amount of people along the way who doubted Mino’s right to live in the land of Zion. After waiting in the taxi line at Reagan National in Washington DC, the taxi driver told me he was allergic to dogs. The man directing taxi traffic saw this as normal, and I had to sweet talk another taxi driver. According to this guy, the previous taxi driver wasn’t allergic to dogs.

“Maybe he is from Somalia,” I said.

“Why do you ask this?”

“Because I’m reading a book, and I read that Somalis hate dogs,” I replied.

“All Muslims hate dogs. But I think that taxi driver is Somali,” he asserted. I knew it. The taxi driver then recounted stories from the Prophet Mohammed, as if he were reaching back into his childhood: stories of Islam.

As it goes, Mohammed the Prophet was performing miracles one day, one in particular that involved a leather bladder full of milk buried underground. After proclaiming the desolate landscape “fertile” and showing the onlookers how milk seeped from the ground up, Mohammed was upstaged by a canine that dug up the leather bag to reveal the source of his miracle.

“You see, Mohammed was made fool by dog” the driver explained.  “This is why the Muslim man hate dog.”

I wondered if it occurred to the driver that the dog had called out the prophet, and that dogs can’t be fooled by prophets and their second-rate miracles.

“Prophets can fool people, but not dogs,” I uttered.

Three days later, I was to board the plane to from Washington DC to Addis Abeba. After paying for Mino’s ticket and getting him into his hold, where he would be for the next 20 hours, a representative from the airline came aboard to ask me if I could get Mino off the plane and fly to Ethiopia tomorrow.

There was a big mix-up it seemed. A family was repatriating a deceased family member back to Ethiopia. When he first told me there would be human remains near Mino, I told him not to worry, that Mino probably wouldn’t mind.

Again, he asked me if I could fly the next day, but it was impossible for me not to go to Ethiopia today.

“Tell me,” I said in a hushed tone. “Is this out of respect for the dead?”

“Yes sir,” he whispered.

“But my dog had his reservation a long time ago.” And if it is purely superstition on the part of the family, not to worry. Mino has no religious affiliation.

“Maybe you shouldn’t mention that there is a dog in the hold. You know, it can be a secret.” I suggested. He walked away and never returned.

Taxi cabs absolutely love Mino.

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  • Jason

    Love it! You really need to start sharing this with more people. Very fun to read, insightful and helps me cope with not traveling right now.

  • Andrew

    Nico! Glad Mino made it man!

  • Taylor

    Loved this piece. Your voice shines through it, while also providing insightful cultural tidbits and recounting Mino’s and your journey. Look forward to reading lots more. Glad you made the journey safely together!

  • funny dude and good call on the taxi driver…

  • kit

    dose mino go on the hyina feeding sessions?

    • Nicodemus

      Mino would tear into these wussy hyena cats! Thus for the sake of the hyenas, I didn’t take Mino…

  • vic z

    MINO! what an awesome dog. he’s the best.

  • noor

    this false speech is prepared by the orthodox church leaders . They hate the prophet Mohammed, brother of prophet jesus , prophet abraham , prophet moses , prophet jacob , and other prophets peace be up on them. The church leaders and scholars don’t want to let the other christinas to reading and knowing about the greatest prophet spritual speechs, if they read it they will be muslims without any conditions . So , the church prepared this propaganda to hate islam and muslims. They are the only foolishs in the world next to jews hinduism , buddhism and pagans. Please read the Quran, the only holly book from the only one God. You will understand everything about the all prophets and God .

  • Marco

    Hey Mino, que gusto saber lo que haces con Nicodemus, te mando un abrazo,

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